StaffGenius is 5$
per employee per month.

  • All inclusive
  • • Ulimited space
  • • Unlimited reports
  • • Access to all features

Common Questions

How can i setup my timeclock

StaffGenius timeclocks are android and IOS apps that can be found on the googe play or app store. Type "StaffGenius" and install our onpremise or remote timeclock. Use your credentials to signin and follow the instructions.

How do i enable a staff to clockin remotely

Remote staff can be enables on any staff profile by clicking on the Staff navigation, then clicking on the name of the staff that you want to enable it for. Once you are on the staff profile, select the checkbox at the bottom that is labled "remote staff", then select update. The staff is now able to access remote clockin.

How do i auto-approve shifts

Auto approving shifts can be enabled from your dashboard by going to company in the navigation then selecting auto-approve shifts. Shifts will now be autoapproved.

How do i bulk upload staff

Bulk uploading staff can be achived by going to the staff section, then selecting add staff from excel. It will then prompt you to download our upload template. Once you have filled out the template, you can now upload it in the area provided.

How do i export timesheet and cost reports

Go to reports section in the navigation, select the report that you want to export, enter your criteria, then select generate. Once the reports appears, you can now select save a copy. It will be downloaded as an excel document.

How do i roster a staff

Rostering staff is very simple, go to the roster section in the admin, select rosters, click on or create the roster for the upcoming week. It will take you to the scedule view, drag and drop any of the staff members on any of the weekdays, edit their start and end time. Approve the roster in the top right hand corner. Staff is now rostered.

How do i view all timesheets

Select timesheets from the navigation in the admin, select daily view to see all timesheets for the current day or weekly view to see all timesheets for the current week.